Monday, November 15, 2010

Trick or Treat!

So basically any holiday is a good excuse for me to make desserts! and what better than Halloween?

I was limited on time this weekend so all I made was pumpkin guts (aka orange died lemon bars) and Lady fingers.

First of all its not really Halloween till you carve a pumpkin!  I'll be honest to say that I have not had much experience carving pumpkins and I can be a bit ambitious at times, but with that said I think it came out well.

My friend Olivia and I carved one pumpkin while my roommate Amanda carved another. 

It turned out well until the owl caved in the next day so it just looked like someone punched it in the face.

We then had a Halloween party / Murder in The Dark Party (which is an awesome game)  and thats when I made my desserts --->

Pumpkin guts
And bloody lady fingers

I (stereotypically) dressed up as a chef for my halloween costume (hey I didnt feel like spending any money ok)  and we had an awesome time.

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