Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Weekend in 1 Post

So I have gotten a little lazy in updating already, I know its sad but hey I've been busy with school starting back up so give me a break.  Lets see, I believe it was Thursday I made these PBJ tarts which were good but not as desserty as I would have liked.. I think if I had made them mini it would have been better because they would have been bite sized and you wouldn't have the risk of biting into a huge gob of peanut butter.

They were still good though!

Then Sunday, for the women's bible study (and by request of my friend Lauren who is getting married in December!!!!) I made my favorite oreo truffles. :) This time though I made regular chocolate ones as well as my tried and true white chocolate ones.

Fingers crossed that I figured out how to put pictures on here!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Experiement

So I am now settled into my new apartment and have already begun my baking adventures!  Mind you it was something small but its a start.

As I didn't think to take a picture at the time (i was making it more for satsiation (is that a word) rather than fun) I will put pictures on here for the web.

Well unfortunately that  isnt working and I cant get the phones off of my phone onto the computer atm so instead I get to describe it to you!

This was actually from Sat I believe.

I made Honeydew Shakes! It was actually very delicious! All it is , is honeydew vanilla yogurt sugar and ice blended together.  Add how ever much ice you want to get your desired thickness!

Then on Sunday night...
So I was going to walmart to buy ink for my printer, but being that its right before the first day of school in a college town they were of course out of the ink that I needed... so instead I bought the cookies that are already formed and you put them in the over but they.... had SCHOOL BUSES on them! In honor of the first day of school I made them. Didnt take too much work at all but I figure its a start to breaking in the kitchen.

Then on Monday night...
One of my roommates decided to make sugar cookies, I didnt really make these but provided some (hopefully) helpful directions from the side and helped cut them out.  She had animal cracker cookie cutters so they were awesome!

And hopefully tonight (or wed night) I will have pictures of something I am planning on making :)

****************Updated Pictures!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I gave in and got a blog....

So it's 1:24 AM and even though I should be asleep right now I decided to do the cliche and go with the crowd and create my own blog.  Hopefully this will be an on going affair and won't be something that I just give up on in a few weeks time.  Really I am going to use this blog to help me stay focused and to express/share my joy of baking and the experiments that I will hopefully try.

As you should know this summer I have been involved with an amazing internship at the Emerald Grande resort in Destin, Fl.  What originally started out as a job in guest services turned into working Desserts as one of the Pastry cooks in the Commander's Palace Restaurant.  For those of you that don't know CP is very fine dining and I am still surprised at how much I have been allowed to do there.  In fact at one point I was working more than MJ who is the main pastry person.  My internship is slowly drawing to a close, with the last day being this Tues the 17th and I feel that I must keep myself motivated with my endeavours.

My ultimate goal right now is to own my own bakery or pastry shop.  This blog (hopefully) (in the long run) should help show my journey from a college girl into making my dream come true.  Most entries won't be alot of "emotional sharing..." blah blah blah but will be fun and hopefully I can show you what to do (and maybe what not to do) when it comes to baking.  I'm no expert but  I love desserts!

Do to my phone crashing for a bit over the summer all of my great dessert pictures were deleted (i didn't have a chance to get them on my computer :( ) so this will not be about the past but about the future.

As I try recipes I will (try) to post pictures and maybe even share the recipe with you! Hopefully there will be a few cakes and decorating involved as well.

Well I should probably attempt to go to sleep now, working 45 hours a week doesn't leave much room for anything else.

Until next time.

"The bagel, an unsweetened doughnut with rigor mortis."  ~Beatrice & Ira Freeman

********************Updated Pictures
So my phone did delete most of my pic but I was able to salvage this one.  Not the best but its a fig pecan tart and is served with a scoop of vanilla icecream