Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whose ready for some football?

Being from the South one long time celebrated tradition is the BCS college championship football game. Even though I do not go to an SEC (south eastern conference for my international readers) school , I am an SEC girl born and raised. My favorite Team? Auburn, which so happened to win the game over Oregon Monday night.

I went to a tailgate and naturally I brought desserts. This time I decided to have some fun and made cupcakes that looked like football players! I decorated them in royal icing tinted to match each teams colors. Take a look!

Unfortunately though they did not make it to the tailgate in this condition. Overnight the icing decided to melt and their faces got spread out. From this I have vowed never to use royal icing again, but instead stick to buttercream which I know and love. Oh well they still tasted good!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Part 3!

Another post from my Christmas baking! I'll just leave you with the pictures this go around!

 This my dear friends is an Italian Christmas cookie.  While some of them are not the prettiest they are absolutely delicious!  There is ricotta cheese in the batter so it makes them nice and moist.