Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whose ready for some football?

Being from the South one long time celebrated tradition is the BCS college championship football game. Even though I do not go to an SEC (south eastern conference for my international readers) school , I am an SEC girl born and raised. My favorite Team? Auburn, which so happened to win the game over Oregon Monday night.

I went to a tailgate and naturally I brought desserts. This time I decided to have some fun and made cupcakes that looked like football players! I decorated them in royal icing tinted to match each teams colors. Take a look!

Unfortunately though they did not make it to the tailgate in this condition. Overnight the icing decided to melt and their faces got spread out. From this I have vowed never to use royal icing again, but instead stick to buttercream which I know and love. Oh well they still tasted good!

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