Monday, February 28, 2011

Valentines (Delayed)

So here is the cake Olivia and I made for Valentine's Day.  I would have posted it earlier but I figured that I didn't want to innundate you with post after post and then leave you with a massive dry spell.

So I once again took this cake idea from bakerella.  We were actually going to do something else but I kept looking at things and we decided on this one.

Now as a disclaimer this is purposefully not my best effort on purpose.  We had a joint bilbe study with the mens ministry for valentines day and everytime I make some sort of dessert for the BCM no one eats any of it because they say it is "too pretty".  I then end up with far more leftovers than needed.  So my theory was that if I didnt try my best making this then more people would be willing to eat it and I would not end up with any leftovers.

Needless to say my plan failed but more of it was eaten.

So without further ado, we made a "box of chocolates" where the box was a cake as well

Then on top there are bits of "truffle " cake balls.

I had the roughest time making this cake.  First the fondant was tempermental and sticking furiously to our hands when we made it because I couldn't find the crisco, which I found plain as day today as a matter of fact.

Something else happened but I cant remember.

Then the cake was being stupid when I was trying to level it.

Then the chocolate was being tempremental as I tried to melt it and then dip the cake balls in it.  It wasnt melted all the way and then it was melted too much and was hard again.

Other than all my problems it ended up tasting really good and decent after all.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So a coupla weekends ago the women's group I am in had our weekend retreat called Alethia (it means truth), so naturally a weekend retreat with a bunch of college girls means desserts!

Olivia and I (if you remember we did the desserts for Bella Notte) made all the desserts for the retreat.  Take a gander.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oreo Cookies

Ok so yesterday was my roommate's boyfriend fiancee birthday, so my other roommates and I thought that we would do something to celebrate this, at 1o'clock in the morning...

The natural instinct? Why to bake something of course!

Long story short,  one of my friends posted this on my wall
and he saw it and said it looked good like 2 weeks prior, so we at least had an idea of what to make.

Luckily we had everything we needed except for oreo's so Lauren and I make a trip to Publix @ approximately 11:20, being in a college town everything is open later (Well at least the places closest to campus where Publix is known as "Club Pub"), so we go to try our hand at Win-Dixie because it was closer to our apt.  Unfortunately they are closed so we keep driving to another Publix down the road (one that people don't normally go to) and find it closed!!!! Luckily right in front of that Publix was  a CVS were we thought to ourselves "Oreos are a pretty universal thing so they should have it".

We get into CVS and search for our needed oreos and couldn't find them!!! Right when we about to give up we spot another isle to search and low and behold there they were!  We almost splurged for the heads and tails ones (you know the ones that are golden on one side and regular on the other) but we decided to go for the tried and true double stuffed oreos.

So we get back to the apt and begin our baking.  Originally my camera had died and I couldn't find the charger for it, but as the dough was chilling before we made the cookies I found it!

I had a picture of the massive amount of mini chocolate chips that we put in the dough but its on my iPod and I'm just a little to lazy to hook it up and get them for you.  (Sorry, but hey at least you get a story with this one!).

Anyways I digress...

So after you make the dough, you basically have this
Dough, oreo, dough
You then completely envelop the oreo in the dough.  Like this:

Wanna see what they look like when you cut them in half after they are out of the oven?

The creme melts  and are delicious when fresh!

We then decided to have a bit of fun and put them all on one plate

Now thats a plate of cookies!

We then made a sign (Lauren mostly, because she has much better handwriting)
Yes the JWOWW is from Jersey Shore, our apartment is hooked

The post-it note says : 

        "We were going to buy candles but they only came in packs of 24, and we didnt want to buy two 
          packs just for one candle.  (therefore your OLD)"

So at this point in time it is probably 1:30 -1:40 in the morning.  Lauren and I decide that the best thing to do would to deliver them right then and there.  With a rush of adrenaline, we felt like we were on some sort of secret mission.  On the drive over we strategized as to how to drop off the cookies and hide as he opened the door.

We arrive and the moment of truth arrives, as we walk up to the door we whisper our planes in aggreeance, we slip off our shoes so as to make minimal noise for when we run, set the cookies in front of the door and bang on it then run to an alcove where we wait... and wait... and wait. No answer.  We get the courage to knock loudly again and also ring the doorbell and then hide and wait... and wait.  Still no answer.  Sadly we give up thinking that we have misjudged the nocturnal nature of the receipient.  We get back to the car and Lauren texts him to tell him to check his door and "happy birthday" and drive off back to our apartment with our spirits crushed (ok not really crushed perse but give me the joy of literary liberties).   

On the drive back we receive a text of "thanks" and "i didnt hear it over the a/c" and "they look delicious" thus operation cookie maker was a success.