Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So a coupla weekends ago the women's group I am in had our weekend retreat called Alethia (it means truth), so naturally a weekend retreat with a bunch of college girls means desserts!

Olivia and I (if you remember we did the desserts for Bella Notte) made all the desserts for the retreat.  Take a gander.

In the end it pretty much ended up with a theme of chocolate!
Chocolate covered pretzels! These were probably the first thing to be devoured.  Just take some bakers chocolate or almond bark, melt it, then dip the pretzels in and your done!

We also made smores bars, individual monkey bread, a brownie with a peanutbutter frosting topped with a chocolate icing and then chunks of reeces cups on top as well as some dirt pudding.

First up the mini monkey bread (As seen above), I made a goof with this but I think it turned out still just as good.  Instead of using regular sugar I used brown sugar. The picture in the middle is what they looked like out of the over.  Yummy! We didnt even have to make the glaze that went with them.  They were sweet enough as it was!

Now If you were otherwise unaware I have an obsession with smores.  Its bad, and do I have stories to tell about that.  But for now we will just stick with the plan (it was delayed enough dont you think?)

These yummy looking things are smores bars.  You just but a crushed layer of gramcrumbs and butter on the bottom, melt some chocolate and but it on then top with marshmallows and more grams and then put it in the oven to brown.

Olivia also made her ever so delicious dirt pudding.
I forgot my camera for some of the pics so I had to use my ipod
Not sure about the entire recipe to make dirt because I was distracted but let me tell you it was gone in a flash.  I was smart enough to grab a small bit even though I was full because when I came back later the bowl was practically licked clean.

Now the piece de resistance (aka the most sugar you will ever find in a brownie)

Brownie topped with a peanut butter icing (which tasted delicious when you dipped the chocolate covered pretzels in them) top with a layer of melted chocolate topped with reece cups.  

Now that is a dessert.

Needless to say none of the desserts lasted long with a group of 25 girls.  But hey you got to live a little.

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