Monday, February 28, 2011

Valentines (Delayed)

So here is the cake Olivia and I made for Valentine's Day.  I would have posted it earlier but I figured that I didn't want to innundate you with post after post and then leave you with a massive dry spell.

So I once again took this cake idea from bakerella.  We were actually going to do something else but I kept looking at things and we decided on this one.

Now as a disclaimer this is purposefully not my best effort on purpose.  We had a joint bilbe study with the mens ministry for valentines day and everytime I make some sort of dessert for the BCM no one eats any of it because they say it is "too pretty".  I then end up with far more leftovers than needed.  So my theory was that if I didnt try my best making this then more people would be willing to eat it and I would not end up with any leftovers.

Needless to say my plan failed but more of it was eaten.

So without further ado, we made a "box of chocolates" where the box was a cake as well

Then on top there are bits of "truffle " cake balls.

I had the roughest time making this cake.  First the fondant was tempermental and sticking furiously to our hands when we made it because I couldn't find the crisco, which I found plain as day today as a matter of fact.

Something else happened but I cant remember.

Then the cake was being stupid when I was trying to level it.

Then the chocolate was being tempremental as I tried to melt it and then dip the cake balls in it.  It wasnt melted all the way and then it was melted too much and was hard again.

Other than all my problems it ended up tasting really good and decent after all.

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