Sunday, February 12, 2012

Far Too Long

Once again dear friends it has been far too long since I have last posted.  Life, school, and a puppy all got in the way and led me wayward in my blogging ways.  But never fear! I am back and hoping to be more consistent than ever and even if I don't have a scrumptious dessert or meal made there will be posts on tips and all get out.

Most recently I made some of the best banana bread on the face of the planet! Using some handy dandy bread pans I bought awhile back from Micheals (speaking of which I need to go there soon, when they have sales on their holiday stuff from pans to sprinkles I suggest you stock up! It's the cheapest you will get this items and you can also get items you can't buy year round but can be used for all types of baking year round!)

Anyways I had a hankering for banana bread the other day so I went out to the store and got everything I needed.  After these babies came out of the oven just take a few slices with a dab of butter and sprinkle on some cinnamon and it is perfection in your mouth!   Here are a few pics from the old phone.

Two days later all of the banana bread was gone and I had some blueberries I leftover from the smoothie kick that I have been on lately that I had frozen so I made some Blueberry bread!  It was almost better than the banana bread but I'd say the banana bread trumps it .

And I thought I would leave you with something cute and part of the reason why I have been absent from the blogosphere.

This is Charlie passed out in the back of my car after a day at the dog park.

Here he is a few days later after the dogpark looking a hot mess.  It was dirty from head to toe and was a shade of gray and brown instead of black and white.