Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Its been over a week and no post!

Ok so I have been baking a bit since my last post but its been stuff that you have already seen so I thought I would give it a break and give you a little something different.

I was in a competition at school called the JMI Challenge.  This was for all entrepreneurship majors (which is one of my never ending majors) in which we were given $25 card to Home Depot and we had  1 week to create as much value as we could.

My group got the ingenious idea to create and sell tomahawks for the game.  All it was, was a painted paint stick, electrical tape and laminate samples and viola there you have a tomahawk.

Here is a sample of the little ones we made

The table at the game!
So we sold tomahawks and water at the football game.  We also had freeze pops we sold.  The guys in the group also cut firewood for like 4 hours!  But since I am incapable with a hatchet I did what I do best... I baked.

I made the red velvet cupcakes and the marshmallow flower ones again.  I was hoping to experiment some but with limited time I had to go with what worked.  I ended up making approx. 50 cupcakes total! (including mini)

I did improve on the icing of the cupcakes over my previous batch.

Slightly blurry but a few of the varied designs

It was alot of cupcakes!  I don't think they all made it to the sale though...

Overall our team "created" a gross profit of $1,009! We won 1st place with a prize of $750!  And now I'm invited to a leadership and scholarship dinner banquet for winning!

Here is me holding up the giant check they presented our team with.

I'm going to try to work on links for pictures in later postings so that you can just click to see multiple images vs. scrolling down the whole post to see it all.

Don't worry ! New postings of new discoveries will be coming soon as I am helping out with the desserts for Bella Notte, a women's retreat coming up this friday.  Stay tuned!

"Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie. 
Jim Davis"

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