Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Weekend in 1 Post

So I have gotten a little lazy in updating already, I know its sad but hey I've been busy with school starting back up so give me a break.  Lets see, I believe it was Thursday I made these PBJ tarts which were good but not as desserty as I would have liked.. I think if I had made them mini it would have been better because they would have been bite sized and you wouldn't have the risk of biting into a huge gob of peanut butter.

They were still good though!

Then Sunday, for the women's bible study (and by request of my friend Lauren who is getting married in December!!!!) I made my favorite oreo truffles. :) This time though I made regular chocolate ones as well as my tried and true white chocolate ones.

Fingers crossed that I figured out how to put pictures on here!

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