Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another night

So this time dear readers my influence for baking was not for pure joy but more for a cause.

Tonight at the BCM we played an intense game of capture the flag which resulted in 2 people going to the hospital, one of which is a dear friend.  At the time it was concerning, one was fine with just a gash in her head and the other couldnt move his jaw.

How do I deal with these type of situations? I bake.  I'm not the best in coping with stress and sometimes don't know how to react when others are hurt so I just do what  I know well.

Upon secretly asking Olivia's boyfriend Alex what her favorite cookies were I knew what I must do.  I quickly went to the store and proceeded to make these homemade chocolate chip cookies, and I got the recipe from one of my favorite sites bakerella.com

Luckily after I finished my baking I received a text that they both are good.  Olivia had to get 7 stitches, while Jai (the one who couldn't move his jaw) received 8 and his jaw is swollen.

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