Monday, November 15, 2010

Hoedown and Birthday Bash

So first of all before I go any farther I have some really good news!!!!!

I FINALLY GOT MY COMPUTER BACK!!!! Yes that means that posts (with pictures) will be more punctual and I can actually do something with my computer.  I has been over a month and it is finally fixed!!!!

Secondly I won Best Tasting in my first dessert contest!

It was for a church hoedown that was definately I lot of fun.

I made caramel cupcakes with brown butter caramel icing (and some of them had apple butter).  I even made the caramel myself!!

The roses came out prettier than I thought!

I also had a joint birthday party with 3 of my friends, our birthdays are in total 11 days apart and we all are turning 21 so we thought it would be fun to do something together.  We celebrated with a campus scavenger hunt and "mocktails" (7-up and grape juice)  I was going to make some kind of dessert for this but due to time I didn't get too.

I did manage to get creative with some fruit rollups though.... Take a look for yourself...

Its a Rose!!!!

I guess I was just in a rose mood these past few days.  With the holidays coming up soon there is definately going to be more baking in my future!

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