Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lets Play Pretend

Lets Play pretend that this post was posted yesterday while the next post was posted today... ok?

"Today" I was home for the weekend and went to Barnes and Nobles.... Big mistake... I started looking at the cookbooks and almost couldn't tare myself away from them.  I didn't leave empty handed though.  I managed to get this book.

Its filled with great ideas (some of which you should see soon) and apparently the marshmallow flower recipe I found online orginated from this book.  The book is mainly about decorating cupcakes (not really new recipes).

Got the baking bug but have little time? Well I was sorta in the same situation.  So by using a mix for strawberry muffins (just add milk)  I made my family a bit of breakfast the night before.  They taste delicious as if you had made the recipe yourself!

So what do starburst and tootsie rolls have in common?

Heres a hint

More details to come!

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