Saturday, July 16, 2011

Red Velvet Cakelets and Cookie Experiments

So after the huge delicious success of my peanut butter cakelets, my dad wanted some red velvet cake.  What did I do? You got it I made some red velvet cakelets!  I experimented a little bit with the actual making of the cakelets but still ended up great! I used the same recipe book that I used for the peanut butter ones and you know what that means! It was finger-licking good!

I took the remaining cake left over after cutting the circles and put it in the confection oven to dry, I then crumbled it up and on some just sprinkled it on the top and on the rest rolled the cake in it.

I also a little while back did a little experimenting with cookies.  I found this one blogger Sweet Sugar Belle, you can check her out here .

She is awesome!! And does some great cookie decorating.

Here is my attempt at it.

 By getting the icing to a thin consistent you can use it to "flood" the cookie and fill it in.  Once you let it dry a bit you can layer it with other designs and colors.

These (Below) are the same cookies as above just the next day.  After the icing completely dries it gives it a textured look and looks 3d!  I quite proud of these actually.  Hopefully soon I will be experimenting more with cookies and their decor!

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