Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hey there! So as always I'm running a little behind in posting a new post, in fact you will be getting 3 new ones shortly.

And of course while I was in the midst of writing this post I had to stop and run and do something so everything just gets ever more delayed. I also realize that this post is rather jumbled and not the best English but I want to at least give you something

Anyways, Easter.

For Easter I decided to make a cake. It ended up tasting good although I wasn't too sure about how it ended up.

I made a chocolate cake with white chocolate ganache and strawberry filling, topped with white chocolate ganache , "shredded" chocolate and chocolate truffle eggs dipped in white chocolate.

The original recipe had regular chocolate vs. white chocolate, so I didnt take that into consideration when I was covering the chocolate cake because you could see part of it through the white chocolate.  But hey it got ate anyways.

Well to keep it short and sweet I'll just let you take a look and then be done with it.

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